Vietnam Tour 2 Weeks – From North to South

Beginning with the topographical curiosities of Ha Long Bay and the rice verandahs of Sapa in the Northerly, to the gorgeous antique constructions and relics from place to place in Hoi An in the midpoint to the chronicle and ethos of Ho Chi Minh City in the South, Vietnam has imprinted a permanent dent on our consciousness. Vietnam is unquestionably also recognized for its marvelous gastronomy and we undeniably treasured munching our method through the state. Favorites everywhere on the sphere, pho, salad rolls and caffeinate are what the nation is celebrated for so be guaranteed that you’ll not merely have a meal economically in Vietnam save for save for similarly tremendously healthy!

Travel plan of Vietnam Tour 2 Weeks: Ho Chi Minh Metropolis, Mui Ne (or Nha Trang for deep-sea divers), Hoi An, Hanoi & Ha Long Bay

Days 1-3: Ho Chi Minh Metropolitan (previously Saigon)

Locate your lodgings, familiarize physically to the fresh time zone and the circumstance that you’ve turned up into a new realm atop your expedition.

Reconnoiter District 1 (Pham Ngu Lao) region which is crammed with ramblers, vendors, foodstuff kiosks, boulevard-margin acupressure business premises, tattoo workshops and subsequently considerably more. Doubt that you are a hitchhiker, this zone will be truly probable someplace you’ll stop as there are masses of economical boarding house in the district.

Reserve manually a daytime voyage out towards the relics of Cu Chi Passageways as well as in the afternoon look into the Warfare Remnants Exhibition Hall which will permit you to advance a superior comprehension of the Vietnam aggressions from the other squad.

Purchase your three-municipality permission from the bus post where you can select your breaks. With this schedule you’ll fancy to pick Mui Ne or Nha Trang (if you desire to scuba submerge), Hoi An, and Hanoi.

Whilst in Ho Chi Minh City rehearse your negotiating abilities by means of talking with the road merchants as well as tuk-tuk car drivers as Vietnam functions on the bargaining procedure. Exploit HCMC as a loosening up for the remainder of your voyages in Vietnam and Asia.

Somewhere we lodged: Anh’s Guesthouse – $10 USD for each night-time (reserved chamber) or Town House 23 Saigon (Dormitory)

Days 4-6: Mui Ne (Alternative A: Designed for non-diver folks)

Reserve an excursion to appreciate the reddish and bleached sand mounds and pixy rivulets. Condition that you are able to reach a deal for an excellent price, lease an ATV to go across the sand bank.

Occupy the remainder of your unoccupied time dozing all over the place in this lethargic petite shoreline township, if at all possible in a hammock as well as a thirst-quencher in your hand.

Someplace we hang around: Coco Sand – $13 USD for every nighttime (reserved accommodation)

Days 4-6: Nha Trang (Alternative B: For aquanauts)

Provided that you’ve all the time deliberated on scuba headfirst or if you’re focusing on how to get an superior authorization, Nha Trang is the most economical choice in Southeast Asia. Sure thing, all the more so more discounted compared to Koh Tao. We acquired our PADI Open Water at this point.

In addition to summersaulting, there isn’t an entire lot to see to and set eyes on in Nha Trang but it does tender some majestic private clubs and attractive lovely seashores but you’ll be contending with a handful of Russian holidaymakers in the course of the height time of year.

Someplace to put off: Don Hai Hotel – $9 USD for each night-time (reserved chamber)

Days 7-9: Hoi An

Reserve a semi day time circuit to pay a visit to the antique My Son remnants dating back in excess of a thousand years, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Charter a pair of trail bike and devote half a day reconnoitering the olden town which is a different UNESCO World Heritage site. Make certain to look into the full of commotion indigenous marketplace lengthwise the water side.

Head into one of the loads of tailors in township and purchase for yourself some inexpensive apparel as the city is acknowledged as the tailor principal of Vietnam.

Scheduled your closing day, charter a small number of bicycles and go to the native seashore to hold on to some rays. We learned that the coastlines here were the most virgin in entirely of Vietnam. Be cautioned though that totally the seats along the beach belong to the different restaurants so make sure to head a bit further down the beach to find one of the cheapest places and as always, try and negotiate!

To learn why Hoi An was our favourite city in Vietnam, read our post here.

Where we stayed: Hoa Binh Hotel – $17 USD per night (private room, included A/C and hot shower)

Days 10-11: Hanoi

Grab a drink across the street from Hoan Kiem Lake to enjoy splendid views and of course to watch the craziness of the traffic unfold beneath you. Check out Hoa Lo Prison Museum which was nicknamed the “Hanoi Hilton” during the Vietnam war and is famous for having housed John McCain as a P.O.W.

In the evening make sure to check out Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre. This ancient puppet show dates back centuries and is passed down from generation to generation and for us was a definite highlight from our time in Hanoi.

Book a one night tour of Ha Long Bay. Shop around and haggle for the best price and please try to avoid monkey island in your tour as we found the monkey’s to be terrorized and abused by heaps of tourists.

Where we stayed: Golden Hostel II – $17 USD per night (private room, included A/C and hot shower)

Days 12-13: Ha Long Bay

Take an overnight journey through one of the natural wonders of the world.

Kayak, swim and take in the breathtaking sunset while cruising through the stunning karst mountain landscape.

Make sure to check our post on Ha Long Bay!

Day 14: Back to Hanoi

Head back to Hanoi to either continue your adventure or fly back home and start saving for the next one!

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